Below are links to datasets, data dashboards, and reports containing raw data on scooter usage, injury and fatality rates, and rider and community surveys. Links to scooter provider agreements and requirements are also provided. For more information on collecting and using data, see NUMO’s guide at

Vendor selection data, permit requirements, and agreements

Los Angeles, CA

 Indianapolis, IN

 Chicago, IL

Seattle, WA

Denver, CO

Washington DC

Baltimore, MD

Arlington, VA

Other Resources

The Shared Micromobility Playbook from Transportation for America

The playbook is a continuously updated site that looks at micromobility policy for local governments, it includes sections on operations, equipment & safety, equity, data, metrics, and more. It can be accessed at:

The New Urban Mobility Alliance (NUMO) Mobility Data Tool for Cities

The NUMO mobility tool proposes ways in which cities can use data from new mobility modes to address equity, safety, and the environment. It can be accessed at: 

Ride Report Open Data Portal

The Open Data Portal gives users insights into shared mobility patterns by displaying aggregated trip data for various cities. It can be accessed at:

The Governors Highway Safety Association Micromobility Report

Report on micromobility aimed at describing challenges including oversight, funding, data collection, enforcement, infrastructure, and education, as well as the role that State Highway Safety Offices and their partners can play to help address those challenges. It can be accessed at: